posh patties label Hi I’m Ingrid, I live in Dulwich, am British by birth, my parents are from the Caribbean and with Britain being the huge melting pot that it is, my friends come from a variety of backgrounds too, from Deptford through to Dulwich.

Indeed, my heritage means I’m as passionate about roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding as I am about Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas (which are actually beans; yes I know, it doesn’t make sense, but hey I’m merely the messenger).

taco shells

And so, my Sunday lunch for example, may comprise of the most perfectly roasted Maris Piper potatoes, macaroni cheese with courgettes and spinach pasta along with guava jam glazed jerk pork ribs. It’s  European Food with a Twist, aka, World Food Cuisine.posh patties main display 3

I’m the precious owner of a bistro (that’s me behind the counter concentrating like hell) – a melting pot and fusion of cultures that came together as one. The demand for my catering also grew and grew, so much so, I had to sublet some of my business.

Friends @ my Bistro

@My Bistro enjoying coffee

@My Bistro enjoying coffee

And that’s when the idea came to me – a marketplace of quality caterers who could do what I do making easier too for organisers.

Please pop back often for my free recipes and register for my updates too.


  1. sandras friend Tana

    Your food looks delightful, i cant wait to taste some how can I get hold of some

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